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Frédérique Spigt
and Mindy Brown


Dutch rock and roll singer hits American market with first ever music cd-rom/DvD with sign language.

Frédérique Spigt and haar band plus sign language performer Mindy Brown work together on this first ever DVD/ CD Rom accessible to sign language users.
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Fré introduces Mindy as "Eye Music Performer" interpreting her songs and lyrics artistically in Sign Language.Not only the text but also the atmosphere and music are part and parcel to this package. Enclosed a folder, with a beautiful lay-out, to read the English version of her Dutch text.
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The goal of this cd/dvd is to introduce Sign Language Users including deaf, hard of hearing and foreign hearing public to a quite special Nederland's singer.

December 3, 2002 Fre opened her concert in Amsterdam together with Mindy Brown for the first time to deaf and hard of hearing audiences. The reactions on both sides were extremely positive. "During the break it was clear to see and hear that the audience members especially hearing people were not bothered by the interpretation as many theatres still think but fascinated…many felt that they received a double concert for the price of one ticket…applause was seen and heard from an enthusiastic public."
(Woord and Gebaar, Anja Hiddinga Jan. 2003)

Fre Spigt's album "Beest/Beast" is a combination of hard emotional wrenching rock songs like Flesh and Blood and Grey Mouse. After completing these two songs she breathes deeply and says, "thankfully I got that stuff out, bet we all feel better now". In "One Kiss" she sings erotically and with deep yearning… the album is just full of emotions, furthermore is every song from the heart". (Patrick vd Hanenberg)

Hard-hitting beats such as Liarbeast, (Leugenbeest), are followed by a folksy and pretty escape in The Whole Night, (De Hele Nacht) and the dark and eerie, Flesh and Blood (Vlees en Bloed). In a delicate and transparent One Kiss (Een Kus), music and text come in perfect balance. Seldom do we experience this sort of raw emotion by a Dutch singer. Beest is a new pearl in the crown of a living artist. (Oor Magazine)

Mindy Brown is an RID Certified ASL interpreter and performer residing in the Netherlands. She has been featured in many USA publications including Life Magazine, LA Weekly, Daily News etc.) as well as international publications such as Eva, Top Sante, De Volkskrant etc. She has been called among other things "Lady signs the blues". Mindy has interpreted over 60 rock and roll concerts and also worked with the LA Symphony Orchestra, Paul McCartney, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Counting Crows, and Chicago to name a few.

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