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September 2 2002
We have a quest with beautiful paintings VSA Arts Nigeria Click image
To our Quest VSA Arts Nigeria


To the directors of VSAarts Europe

Dear friends,

As you may remeber we drafted a resolution during our VSA arts european Directorsmeeting
November 15-17 2000. The resolution was presented by me to the European commission. I enclosed a letter explaining our activities and a brochure.
Herewith I let you know the first result as mentioned in the following letter from the European Commission

Kind regards

Henk Hergarden


-I intend to visit mr Brendan Sinnot as soon as possible in Brussels and stay in contact.
-I have made already contact with the High Commissioner Viviane reding by presenting her also the resolution with letter and a brochure. Please keep your fingers corssed for me.
-I call your attention to the year 2003 the "European Year of Disabled Citizens" under discussion during the directors meeting 2001





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